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Date Event Theme Details
Apr 12th, 2024 IATSS Research Project External Reporting and Award Ceremony 2023 fiscal year 1. Feasibility Study of Drivers Yielding Behavior to the Pedestrians at Unsignalized Crossing
2. A cross-cultural study on health-related traffic accidents in Asian countries
3. Research on Efficient Accident Prevention Measures Using Artificial Intelligence
4. Education activities for solving transportation problems in High Schools in Mountainous Areas
Nov 11th, 2024 The Tenth Global Interactive Forum on Traffic and Safety (GIFTS) To be determined TBD
Nov 5th - 7th, 2024 12th International Cycling Safety Conference (ICSC 2024) Cycling Safety Culture details
Sep 17th, 2024 50th Anniversary Ceremony Evolving Mobility Society
Toward the realization of an ideal transportation society
Dec 1st, 2023 THE NINTH GLOBAL INTERACTIVE FORUM ON TRAFFIC & SAFETY(GIFTS) Traffic Culture for Sustainable Societies details
Apr 14th, 2023 IATSS Research Project Reporting and Award Ceremony 2022 fiscal year 1. Development and Implementation of a Program for Transforming Traffic Safety Behavior in Cambodia
2. Development of Walkable City Assessment Method
3. Study on the development of a safe and comfortable road environment under mixed electric mobility
4. Providing information on the actual situation and case studies of roundabouts in Japan based on the database development
Feb 24th, 2023 IATSS 2202A Project International Symposium Legal,administrative and social problems regarding implementation of level 4 technique for automated driving on the public road from the international viewpoint. details
Nov 29th, 2022 THE EIGHTH GLOBAL INTERACTIVE FORUM ON TRAFFIC & SAFETY(GIFTS) Traffic Culture Creates Value details
Nov 18th, 2021 THE SEVENTH GLOBAL INTERACTIVE FORUM ON TRAFFIC & SAFETY The Cultural Diversity in Traffic and Building of Safe Societies: Toward Common Vision details
Apr 9th, 2021 IATSS research project external reporting and award ceremony 2020 fiscal year 1. Development of public awareness on health-related accident prevention in Asian countries
2. Role of public transportation in supporting cultural and creative functions of cities
3. What is needed to disseminate effective traffic safety education for school children, students, etc.- Research on building an education dissemination scheme -
4. Meta-design of sustainable urban and transport development focusing on safer motorcycle use in ASEAN-Toward the spread of "Honda model" as meta-design
Feb 25th, 2021 IATSS 2005C Project International Symposium International perspective to the new traffic system with autonomous vehicle(the UK, Germany, France and Japan's approaches to implementation of the autonomous driving techniques of Level 3,4 and the Dilemma situation) details
Nov 26th, 2020 THE SIXTH GLOBAL INTERACTIVE FORUM ON TRAFFIC & SAFETY Diversity in Traffic Culture and Unsafe Behavior details
Oct 25th, 2019 THE FIFTH GLOBAL INTERACTIVE FORUM ON TRAFFIC & SAFETY Socio-Economic Development and Traffic Safety:
The Meaning of ‘Traffic Culture’ in International Cooperation in Asia
Aug 22th - 23th, 2019 ATRANS and IATSS joint session entitled "Data Collection on Motorcycle Crashes" details
Nov 2nd, 2018 THE FORTH GLOBAL INTERACTIVE FORUM ON TRAFFIC & SAFETY Traffic Safety from a Comparative Culture Perspective details
Nov 17th, 2017 THE THIRD GLOBAL INTERACTIVE FORUM ON TRAFFIC & SAFETY Public Space in Traffic Culture details
Nov 19th, 2016 THE SECOND GLOBAL INTERACTIVE FORUM ON TRAFFIC & SAFETY Transportation Culture and Safety: A New Stage Aiming for Vision Zero details
Nov 28th, 2015 THE FIRST GLOBAL INTERACTIVE FORUM ON TRAFFIC & SAFETY Diverse, Regionally-Rooted Transport Cultures details
2012 International Symposium Transportation and Safety for the Coming Age - Learning from the Lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake - details

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