The Inspiration behind IATSS

The problems that face efficient transportation, such as the risk of traffic accidents,are made up of a number of factors: human, mechanical and environmental.
Overcoming these problems requires the marshalling of knowledge from numerous academic fields and research into what constitutes the ideal road transportation system and the relationship between the human, mechanical and environmental factors of that system.
The International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences (IATSS) was formally established on Sept. 17, 1974, courtesy of an endowment from Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa, founders of Honda Motors Co., as well as Honda Motors itself. It aims to provide a forum for scholars and other specialists to freely discuss and conduct research on the present and future states of transportation in mobile societies.
The guiding principle of IATSS is to promote the development of the ideal transportation system by the prompt undertaking of traffic and safety-related research activities, hosting of research conferences, active support of publicity and publication activities, and bestowing awards and grants for transportation-related research, education and other activities.

Purpose and Features of Activities

The IATSS plans and conducts its activities based on the purport of its foundation and eventually aims to contribute to the realization of an ideal mobile society, as stated in the charter of the Association. The IATSS takes a two-pronged approach to attaining its goal, in light of the fact that the mobile society is associated with arange of social values and timeframes in a multi-layered manner. Specifically, we take an interdisciplinary approach across the natural,social and human sciences and also take an international approach beyond national boundaries. For outputs, we attribute importance to practicality and foresight, which will directly help us attain our predefined goals.We will promote our activities in consideration of our goal and features.


Contributing to the realization of an ideal mobile society


Interdisciplinary and international approach
Practical and farsighted